The Power of Digital Twins article

The Power of Digital Twins article

Harness the Power of Digital Twins to Solve Your Current and Future Urban Challenges.

“Growing amounts of data are available in multiple organizations in a city. Cities must begin and/or continue to share data across internal and external organizations to insure intelligent utilization of precious funds, assets and resources.

Furthermore, cities must be able to assess and understand cross-organizational and cross-vertical impacts resulting from proposed urban planning projects as well as to be able to provide, share and visualize these impacts in multiple dimensions.

The foundation upon which city data can be aggregated, geo-located, crossed, visualized and shared with city employees, businesses and citizenry is the Digital Twin of the city. Data can be imported from public as well as private sources and held in this single repository. Data layers across departments and verticals can be integrated, used in multi-dimensional simulations and visualized in 2D or 3D for intelligent decision-making and risk management.[…]”

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