SIRADEL Joins the Platforms for Advanced Wireless Research (PAWR) Program

SIRADEL Joins the Platforms for Advanced Wireless Research (PAWR) Program

Press release: 26 March 2020
SIRADEL is proud to announce its addition to the PAWR Industry Consortium. As a Consortium member, SIRADEL will collaborate with researchers through the sharing of its wireless expertise and channel / propagation modeling and network planning tools.

The PAWR is creating city-scale wireless testbeds to enable experimental exploration of robust new wireless devices, communication techniques, networks, systems, and services and to enhance broadband connectivity, Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and other advanced wireless technologies.

PAWR is a $100 million public-private partnership program co-led by US Ignite and Northeastern University and funded by the National Science Foundation and the PAWR Industry Consortium. The Industry Consortium consists of 34 of the nation’s leading companies and associations in wireless.

Network modeling and analysis tools like those provided by SIRADEL are critical for at-scale wireless testing,” said Joe Kochan, PAWR Program Director and CEO, US Ignite. “We’re happy to welcome SIRADEL to the PAWR program, and we look forward to collaborative research efforts at our testbed sites.”

As a partner company in the PAWR Industry Consortium, SIRADEL is providing its advanced wireless channel modeling, propagation prediction and analysis and network planning solutions to assist in research topics such as 5G performance, mmWave propagation, beamforming and massive MIMO performance analysis and aerial wireless solutions. SIRADEL will also share its expertise in geodata products and smart city-oriented solutions.

SIRADEL is excited to join PAWR’s list of elite Industry Consortium members contributing to market-leading research in advanced wireless topics.” said Laurent Bouillot, SIRADEL President. “SIRADEL looks forward to sharing its wireless, geodata and smart city expertise and advanced planning tools with the National Science Foundation, other corporate industry partners and academia to assist in meeting the goals and objectives of the PAWR program.

Through its commitment to this renowned research program, SIRADEL will continue its investment in international research in its areas of expertise: connectivity, GIS data and smart cities.

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