Cohere Technologies Selects SIRADEL to Measure Performance for a Better 5G

SIRADEL, the wireless network and smart city planning solutions company, announced today Cohere Technologies (, the company behind a new wireless modulation technology called Orthogonal Time Frequency and Space (OTFS™), has selected SIRADEL’s S_5GChannel new release to assess OTFS performance in order to bring improved performance to 5G connectivity.

SIRADEL provides solutions for wireless network design and planning to manage urban transformation for sustainable connected cities, and announced today the release of S_5GChannel, the newest product in the company’s suite dedicated to connectivity simulations.

S_5GChannel is used by technologists, like Cohere Technologies, who want a reliable, realistic and pragmatic tool to characterize and assess the true performance of emerging technologies and advanced features discussed in standards for 5G Telecom networks.

Cohere Technologies developed its groundbreaking OTFS modulation which tests have shown outperforms 4G-LTE-OFDM in every scenario. OTFS can deliver a stable, predictable and reliable signal everywhere, achieving 100 percent coverage, 10-times spectral efficiency and a 50 percent cost savings over existing solutions. OTFS maximizes the spectral efficiency (bps/Hz) offering network operators investment protection and a faster return on spectrum investment ($/Hz).

SIRADEL’s new S_5GChannel product answers questions for technologists such as, “What are the impacts of this breakthrough on the Future Network topologies?” and “What is the expected performance?”. S_5GChannel provides a turn-key solution to predict and analyze radio propagation channel at any frequency (including mmw) for any kind of network topology in outdoor and indoor environments. Accurate and reliable simulations are enabled by 3D Geodata, expert fast 3D ray-based algorithms and many heuristics based on millions of collected field observation points.

“Together with Cohere Technologies’ team, I have carried out a thorough evaluation of SIRADEL’s tools,” said Professor Andy Molisch, University of Southern California, who is a member of Cohere Technologies’ Technical Advisory Board. “They offer an extremely advanced solution where both propagation models and Geodata are very accurate, and consequently the comparison of their predictions with measurements was on par with our highest expectations. Features such as simulation of 3D multipath, and diffuse scattering modelling are essential for accurate simulations and allowed us to confidently demonstrate OTFS performance advantages in a large variety of configurations.”

“SIRADEL’s team offered wireless expertise and continuous support to our technology and product teams,” said Shlomo Rakib, CEO, Cohere Technologies. “The tool will be instrumental in the demonstration of capabilities and the relevance of OTFS for 5G and beyond, with standardization bodies, technology OEMs, and above all, service providers.”

“We are looking forward to partnering more closely with Cohere Technologies, which delivers a unique proposition for the connectivity infrastructures of the future across all 5G applications, smart city, urban and inter-city transportation,” said Dr. Yves Lostanlen, CEO of SIRADEL North America. “OTFS addresses many challenges of current systems and offers promising perspectives for future applications that can be simulated in our tools, such as ultra-reliable low latency communications for multi-modal mobility, enhanced throughputs for mobile broadband communications, and better energy efficiency and battery life enablement for telecom infrastructure and devices.”

OTFS is a trademark of Cohere Technologies. All other trade names referenced are the service marks, trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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