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First cloud-enabled planning tool for LPWA networks

The wireless market has seen lately the roll-out of new networks for the Internet of Things, thanks to Cellular IoT technologies. Deploying new generation networks brings new challenges and requires new tools. S_IoT is the first dedicated radio planning tool for Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWA), available online as a turn-key cloud-enabled tool.

S_IoT offers a large set of innovative features to cope with the challenges of LPWA network roll-out. Indeed, S_IoT, available as SaaS with a flexible and scalable access, gives access to a large set of 2D and 3D geodata, worldwide. Moreover, thanks to Volcano, SIRADEL leading 3D-ray tracing propagation prediction tool, S_IoT can accurately estimate LPWA metrics, such as global coverage, data rates and geolocation accuracy.

Geolocation accuracy map

Video of S_IoT

S_IoT USE CASE#1: National ioT Deployment

S_IoT USE CASE#2: Smart Metering

S_IoT USE CASE #3: Connectivity inside strategical buildings

S_IoT USE CASE #4: Geofencing

What our clients say about S_IoT

[…]We have been collaborating with SIRADEL during the early design phases of their loT LPWAN S_loT commercial product, and we are using this platform in our current loT Networks rolled-out, but also whilst discussing and negotiating with prospects. This is a disruptive platform for such Radio planning, and Radio dimensioning phases.
Director, Head of loT Business Development & Strategic partnerships – Sagemcom – France, and LoRa Alliance™ Vice-chair
Logo M2Mconnectivity
[…]We have been working with SIRADEL to bring their cloud-enabled planning tool/services for LPWA Networks to Australia and New Zealand.  As a wireless hardware and solution provider, we understand deploying  LPWA networks brings challenges and requires efficient and cost effective tools. The S_IoT from SIRADEL, featuring turn-key and cloud-enabled tools fits the radio planning market very well.[…]
Director, M2M Connectivity, Australia


[…]SIRADEL played a crucial role in our LoRa network deployment thanks to its cutting-edge planning tool for IoT. Without a doubt, SIRADEL is a partner we can rely on for its innovative spirit, expertise and professionalism.[…]
LoRa project manager, Proximus Belgium

[…]Siradel’s tool for radio planning is absolutely state of the art. The very comfortable and flexible SaaS access helps Netzikon to provide just in time customer oriented radio planning for the LoRaWan Network considering the wide range of use cases to be achieved by Telent.[…]
Project Manager LoRaWan Network , Telent Germany

The flexible SaaS access and the advanced features of S_IoT help us to answer specific requests from our customers at all stages of network life cycle: dimensioning, planning and monitoring.
CTIO, Kerlink France


Designing the right network based on performance targets thanks to the automatic dimensioning and planning capabilities


Advanced margin management in IoT context

Reducing the need for site surveys with a full 3D experience in Smart City Explorer


Advanced end point environment management (e.g. outdoor, light indoor, deep indoor)

Dedicated IoT metrics, such as data rate (e.g. spreading factor distribution for LoRa), geolocation accuracy powered by Volcano propagation model

Easy-to-use cloud access to a large 3D worldwide geo data portfolio


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