Automation : The key to network efficiency !

Automation : The key to network efficiency !

The race for higher efficiency and cost-effectiveness is a shared objective to any business sector.

Paving the way to improved productivity, optimized processes or enhanced product and service quality, technologies such as the Cloud, Machine Learning or AI, have undeniably helped companies in reaching these objectives over the past few years.

In addition to using these technologies, companies also turn to new toolsets and approaches, such as automation, to go even further in improving their serviceability and daily operations.

What is automation?

Described as « the technique, method, or system of operating or controlling a process by highly automatic means, as by electronic devices, reducing human intervention to a minimum », automation deduces many advantages including for example (but not only) reduced manual workloads, fewer errors as well as gained time for overall improved processes.

Adopted in many industries, automation has already proved itself in fields such as Manufacturing where it helps gain performance and accuracy or Marketing and Sales where it supports lead generation and management tasks for example.

With innovation and connectivity at the heart of the evolution of our way of working, producing and communicating, the telecom market is not left behind!

At the time where the rise of 5G brings uncountless new opportunities as well as higher complexity, operators require the use of new approaches to achieve their business objectives in terms of network performance qualification and design optimization.

That’s where automation appears as a critical step to build a more efficient, reliable and resilient connectivity.

What benefits?

What if we now have a closer look at the numerous benefits of automation for the telecom industry :

Growth in mobile data volumes forecast
  • Quality & reliability

Reducing and preventing errors with automated tasks to guarantee higher security, reliability and quality as part of their network design

  • Cost Efficiency

Improving both OPEX and CAPEX thanks to enhanced processes (e.g. predictive maintainability and evolution), and better resources exploitation/infrastructures and services utilization

  • Resilience

Benefiting from turnkey, scalable tools to centralize tasks management, monitoring, and planning

  • Time-to-market

Being able to fasten tools/systems configuration and testing to ease and accelerate production and deployment processes

  • Manage complexity

Handling the complexity brought by new frequencies and usages while exploiting the potential of existing technologies, services, assets and data.

What solutions?

Working closely with mobile operators worldwide for nearly 3 decades, we developed a strong knowledge of the telecom market. We provide the telco industry with relevant, robust and future-proof solutions in order to assist them in the solving of their current and future challenges. With such expertise and unique in-house R&D force, we created an innovative solution dedicated to RAN (Radio Access Network) design automation, based on the solution Bloonet, to accompany our customers in their journey towards higher network efficiency and performance.

Leveraging Siradel’s cutting-edge propagation model, Volcano, and powerful Smart City Explorer visualization platform, Bloonet is designed as a unique end-to-end solution delivering advanced features and capabilities to address operators’ automation needs.

We tell you more about our Bloonet solution and how it can support 5G design and optimization in our next article, coming soon. Stay tuned !

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