SIRADEL announces the first cloud-enabled planning tool for LoRa® networks: S_IoT

The wireless market has seen lately the roll-out of new networks for the Internet of Things, with the spectacular growth of the LoRa® Alliance. Deploying new generation of networks brings new challenges and requires new tools and processes.

S_IoT, as a module of Smart City ExplorerTM series the first radio planning tool for LPWA networks, offers a large set of innovative features to cope with the challenges of LPWA network roll-out. S_IoT, as a cloud-enabled tool, gives access to an unrivaled worldwide portfolio of 2D and 3D geodata.

S_IoT relies on Volcano, the leading 3D-ray tracing propagation model, achieving accurate wireless link prediction of connected things. “Thanks to its advanced metrics and automatic features, such as geolocation estimation and automatic network design capabilities, S_IoT reduces the time for LPWA network planning and optimization (NP&O), while providing top-level confidence in simulations” said Sylvain AUBIN, Wireless Product Manager at SIRADEL.

Over the past months, S_IoT technology allowed many LPWA actors, such as equipment vendors, telecom carriers and system integrators to efficiently design and deploy LPWA networks in any type of environments (from rural to dense urban), within the same tool.

“Sagemcom, as Founding Member of the LoRa™ Alliance is pleased to welcome SIRADEL as an active member of the Alliance. SIRADEL has proven its expertise in wireless propagation and network design for more than 20 years and the release of S_IoT is a major asset for the LoRa ecosystem. Sagemcom had the opportunity to use SIRADEL’s solution for LoRa network planning in a very challenging environment and the outputs were outstanding”, said Thierry LESTABLE, leading Technology & Innovation at Sagemcom Office of the CTO, and Vice Chairman of the LoRa™ Alliance.

“We are very pleased with the quality of the work that SIRADEL’s team has delivered, which allowed us to run the deployment smoothly with very useful and accurate information about the coverage of our network. It allowed us to evaluate precisely the number of gateways required to meet our objectives and to communicate with confidence the coverage of our network with our prospects and customers. We are quite impressed by SIRADEL’s professionalism and reactivity of its employees, and would recommend SIRADEL to anyone in charge of radio planning. ” said Alex THOMAS, LoRaTM Program Manager at Proximus.

“The flexible SaaS access and the advanced features of S_IoT help us to answer specific requests from our customers at all stages of network life cycle: dimensioning, planning and monitoring”, said Yannick DELIBIE, CTIO at Kerlink.

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