SIRADEL launches the world’s first electromagnetic exposure simulation software solution: S_EMF

S_EMF, Electromagnetic Exposure simulation tool to accelerate your 5G network roll-out

EMF exposure simulation tool

EMF exposure for communication

SIRADEL launches the world’s first electromagnetic exposure simulation software solution, S_EMF, to facilitate your 5G site
by delivering automatic customized reports, maximum accuracy and advanced 3D visualization to check existing
and new antenna compliance with local authority regulations and ensure public health.



Resulting from our collaborative work with European experts (FP7 Project Lexnet) – where SIRADEL strongly participated in the definition, validation and simulation of the European electromagnetic field exposure indicators – and leveraging SIRADEL’s market-leading radio propagation model Volcano and SIRADEL’s 3D geodata expertise, S_EMF offers a reliable evaluation of the total received field exposure, in 3D, on each part of the buildings, including the ability to customize wall/window losses per building for indoor exposure.


5G Compliancy

Thanks to its coverage, point to point simulations and ray-paths visualization, S_EMF 5G advanced propagation model parameters are pre-calibrated and ready-to-use to ease, speed up and optimize 5G network deployment.  S_EMF is fully compliant with 5G technology
including mmW or Sub 6GHz frequency bands and beamforming management.


Time Savings

S_EMF includes an automated, standardized report that can be quickly edited and/or customized as needed, significantly reducing
preparation time (by as much as 5 times as compared to manual efforts) and associated costs.  Reports include advanced methods to sum electromagnetic contributions in a standardized way according to regulations and useful screenshots and dashboards of the results.


3D Communication

As 5G roll-out and network densification continue and for a global smart city approach, it is necessary to transparently inform and communicate in a visual way, EMF exposure, with authorities, regulators, communities and citizens.  Thanks to its 3D environment, the S_EMF solution facilitates the presentation, interpretation and understanding of the results to better demonstrate the compliance of 5G network deployments with public health standards across the target geography and in particularly sensitive areas such as schools and hospitals. 
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